Prix de l'ASFEE

Chaque année, les membres de l'association votent pour les meilleurs posters présentés lors de la conférence. Les vainqueurs gagnent chacun la somme de 1500 €.


Historique des vainqueurs du prix
2023Ferhati AmazighThe Impact of Environmental Externalities on Risk Aversion : a Laboratory Experiment
2023Trillos Juan FelipeHow important is the evaluation period for social responsible investors: an experimental test
2023Kotek MagdalenaDual Identity Formation for Empowering Cooperation and Tackling Discrimination and Counterproductive Work Behaviour in Teams: The Role of Team Diversity
2022Bobin, N., Fares, D., Berticelli de Freitas, A.Seeking solutions to the myopic loss aversion biais through frequency of access to information and advice
2019Lenk Fiala
(Tilburg University)
Can You Fight Fake News with Reason? Evidence from Two Experiments
2019Justine Jouxtel
(Paris 1 - PSE)
Stick to the plan: performance costs and benefits of committing to a time allocation in multitasking environments
2018Joâo Ferreira
2017Tristan Roger
(Paris Dauphine)
Another law of small numbers: patterns of trading prices in experimental markets
2017Rémi Suchon
Does upward mobility harm trust ?
2016Anna Greenburgh
(Paris 1 - PSE)
Gender differences in Preferences for Competition: the Role of Identifiy and the Environment
2015Zhixin Dai
(Lyon - GATE)
The Efficiency of Crackdowns: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Public Transportations